SAS Studio – “site cannot be reached”????

Good day everyone!  So…  you’ve been using SAS Studio (Free University Edition) on your laptop for the past year or more?  You just tried to open it and received the message that says  ” your site cannot be reached”?  What do you do now?

You probably received a few emails from SAS regarding their shift from supporting the version you’ve been running on your laptop to the same version running in the cloud.  Yes – you can still access and use SAS for free – but you will need to create an online account at SAS OnDemand for Academics | SAS

Once you have your account and login – you will see that it is the same interface – phew!!!

Hang on though!  The next thought that probably floats by is “Where are my files?  My Data?  My SAS programs?”  No worries – they are all on your computer still.  I will walk you through on how to find them 

If you do NOT remember where the SASUniversityEdition folder is on your laptop – search for it – in your File Explorer – type SASUniversityEdition in the Search box.  Once you find it – open it up.  If you created folders IN your SAS Studio – you should see them here.  Open the folders to see your data and SAS programs.  You will need to upload these onto the Online SAS Studio in order to use them.

Note of Caution:

This version of the SAS program resides on a server in the US.  First please review any size limitations that may exist – but I suspect you will not hit the top end of this limit.  

Secondly and more importantly, if you have data that has proprietary or confidential information, please remove this information before uploading the data to the online SAS environment. This is something you should do regardless of where you run your analysis.


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