A list of some resources that may help you learn SAS.


  1. SAS Documentation available at
  2. Institute for Digital Research and Education
  3. SAS holds an International User Conference every year where a number of papers are published.  Please visit to see all conference proceedings and papers.


  1. Ron Cody has a number of fabulous book to help you learn SAS.  Please see his author page at to view a list of his books and a few sample excerpts.
  2. For more books please see for more books published by SAS and users.
  3. Bowley, S.R. 2008.  A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Statistics in Plant Biology (  Any Old Subject Books, Guelph, Ontario
  4. Stokes, M.E., Davis, C.S., and Koch, G.G. 1995. Categorical Data Analysis Using the SAS System. SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC.

Teaching Materials:

I  have been teaching SAS workshops for about 15 years.  During these years I create workshop notes and handouts. I’ll post some of these here.

One page summaries

  1. Introduction to SAS
  2. Getting to know your data
  3. Comparing Means
  4. ANOVA using GLM and MIXED
  5. Repeated Measures Analysis using GLM and MIXED

If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please email me and I will add them.


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