Older Posts -Table of Contents (pre 2015)

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Joining SAS datasets
Using Macros to run repetitive analyses or processes
Using Arrays in SAS
Manipulating data in the SAS datastep. Part 1: Functions
Power and Sample Size
SQL I: Joining Datasets
Tips and tricks – reading data using @ and @@
Using ODS to save your output
Working with dates
SQL II: Subsetting
Transposing data
Ridge Regression
Aggregation (creating one observation to summarize many) via DATA STEP programming
Fuzzy Matching with the SPEDIS function
String Functions: substr, scan, tranwrd, cat
Using the OUTPUT Statement
Subsetting data with the IF and WHERE statement
Keyboard shortcuts
Fixed vs. Random Variables
Principal Components Analysis
Data Visualization I – Creating Tables
Data Visualization II – Creating Barcharts
Data Visualization III – Creating Plots
Proc GLIMMIX – working with Binomial outcome data
Imputing data and subsequent analysis
Ordinal data – Mantel-Haenszel statistic