Week 5 – ANOVA – 1-way and factorial

Learning outcomes for this session

  • Compare PROC GLM and PROC MIXED
  • Construct a SAS model for a factorial design
  • Explain the results of an ANOVA test in plain english or non-stats speak

  Once you have completed Week 5

Additional examples to try on your own
Additional example answers

This week we’re going to look at one example, but we are going to start from scratch.  We will work through the model and then talk about how to use PROC GLM and PROC MIXED.

All we have are a student’s results and the following information

We conducted a 2×2 factorial design with 2 genders and 2 diets.
The data was collected and entered in the following table:

Male Female
Diet A 12, 14 20, 18
Diet B 11, 9 17

Steps for the analysis

  1. Enter the data
  2. Write out the statistical model
  3. Translate it to SAS
  6. Interpret results

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