Path Analysis

We talked about Path Analysis a couple of years ago, and today we’ll work through an example in SAS using PROC CALIS.  To date, we’ve had a couple of researchers using this PROC to review their data, which is very exciting!

Path analysis is a really cool analysis that I suspect may be underused.  Why?  folks are not aware of it, and it just sounds too far beyond the scope of some projects.  I am going to walk through the classic education example for this session/post, but at the end I will talk briefly about 2 research projects that are using Path analysis and briefly talk about their approaches, in an attempt to show you how this can be used in our agricultural fields.

Let’s start with our dataset.  We are working with a dataset that contains grades of 200 students, for writing, reading, math, and science.  We want to investigate the relationships among these variables.  We have heard anecdotally, that students who do well in MATH, will do well in SCIENCE.  With a path analysis, we can dig into this a bit.  The data we will be using was obtained from the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education.

Let’s review the powerpoint slides I created for this session and the annotated PDF output file.

Thank-you to the researchers that provided images of their path diagrams to use in this presentation.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 7.33.07 PM

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