Area Under the Curve

Calculating the Area Under the Curve is used in many different fields of research and departments here at the University of Guelph.  The example we will work through here, is one from Food Science.  A PDF version of the Powerpoint presentation used for this session can be viewed here. The presentation explains the process of … Continue reading Area Under the Curve

Back Transformations for Lognormal Data

As we continue to move into the Proc GLIMMIX world, we are using more non-Gaussian data, such as binomial, Poisson, etc...  When we take advantage of the strength of GLIMMIX and designate a non-Gaussian distribution, our LSMeans return to us in a transformed format.  But, GLIMMIX has a great option called ILINK to be added … Continue reading Back Transformations for Lognormal Data


Least Squares Means (LSMEANS) are just one of those outputs we all love to see in our SAS output.  We've worked through the challenges of seeing the same standard error for all our means (remember it's based on the model and NOT the individual values) and we've learned how to use the PDMIX800 macro for … Continue reading LSMEANS – Proc MIXED vs Proc GLIMMIX